Monday, January 31

Beans Around the World in Santa Claus

I love the site Beans Around the World. They totally have the coolest places with beans. Funny part is I love it because Santa Claus, Indiana is actually one of the places.

Sunday, January 30

Hot or Not

One of Matt's co-workers put him on the Hot or Not website. Check this out:

The last one is when he fell off the back porch and broke his collar bone. I thought the people in the Urgent Care where thinking I beat him up or he was in a bar brawl. Pretty funny stuff.

I then in turn put my nephew on the site too:


Mt. Tumbledown in Maine is an awesome place to visit and climb a mountain. There are tons of trails and beautiful scenery. There is a Mt. Tumbledown Conservation Alliance that preserves the land and trails. It is a very tough climb, but worth the visit.

Check out this link: