Sunday, March 29

Thursday, March 19

2007 baby boom

How funny is it that I posted about the baby boomlet, when yesterday the CDC announced that 07 is officially the most number of births in the U.S.!!


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Monday, March 9

Baby Boomlet - 2006

Did you know that there were nearly 4.3 million births in 2006, which was the highest since 1961, near the end of the baby boom. The United States has a higher fertility rate than every country in continental Europe, as well as Australia, Canada and Japan. I didn't know that until today...interesting since Zoe was born in 2006.

Jayden update - 5 months old

Jayden is such a good baby! He is getting over his double ear infection.

He smiles, talks and laughs all the time. He is very laid back and you can't help but love him.

He is eating baby food and cereal much better now. He is so funny...he will take a bite and then suck his thumb. He won't let you pull it out. He takes out his thumb when he is ready for another bite and then sucks his thumb again. I can see braces in our future!

Zoe update

So, Zoe is such a big girl. Now that she is 3 she can count to 12, recite her ABC's and getting better at her colors. She amazes me every day. She is still very dramatic and such a drama queen! Are all 3 year old girls like this???

Monday, March 2