Monday, June 30

New Tricycle

Trying to pedal, just not strong enough yet. Don't worry I can scoot along pretty good.

Look at me! I love my new bike.
Can you see my nose? I fell on the sidewalk. It's all better now.

Zoe and another Swimsuit

Friday, June 27

Tricycle for Zoe

We did go ahead and get her that adorable tri-cycle. She loves it. It was raining some last night and she was manuvering it around the house.

Thursday, June 19

Zakk and Zoe

Look at how cute Zakk and Zoe are playing in her tub-o-balls football goal toy. They would sit on the inflatable part and I would bounce them up and down.

New Pool

Look at me in my bathing suit! I am all suncreened up and ready to go.
Look daddy.
Look at that ruffled bottom. Too cute for words!
Ahhhhh... relaxing.
My shoe!!!

Colin and Zoe

Colin and Zoe had a lot of fun haning out. They went to the Zoo and the Museum Center. Aren't they cute.

Finger Painting

So, mommy had a little goof and gave Zoe too much finger paint, but she didn't mind!

I love art.

Tuesday, June 17


So, Matt and I saw this tricycle a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. I really want to get it for Zoe...what do you all think? It's so cool! Oh, yes it is a Schwinn.

Thursday, June 5

Big Storm

Can you believe that storm last night? We had to take Zoe to urgent care last night and got stuck there for awhile until the storm passed. We got home to find many trees either uprooted, huge portions of trees on top of peoples homes, and power lines down. We were without power for awhile, but it came on pretty quick. Luckily no trees hit our house. Our house was hit by a tornado in 1969, so we are hoping that we wouldn't get hit again. It was not a tornado last night, just high winds for us. Amazing!