Monday, September 29

2 more weeks

I only have 2 more weeks left! I am totally shocked that I have made it this far. Since Zoe was 4 weeks early I was just anticipating this one would be just as early. I am really ready now. We made a big trip to Sam's club and we are stocked at home. Not to mention that it would be perfect timing for me now to be off work until around Jan.1 and be off for the holidays!

We will keep you all posted. It could be any day now...

Sunday, September 21

Setting the Record Straight

I have been hearing some inaccuracies in what people have been saying about this pregnancy and below is to set the record straight. Yes, it has been a completely different pregnancy this time, but really all in all I know lots of people who have it worse. I have had no morning sickness and very lucky to have such wonderful summer weather (it could have been so much hotter).

Here is my hospital visits for this pregnancy and the results
  • 18 Weeks - Errupted Vericose Vein in my Uterus. Potentially serious, but since my bleeding stopped immediately I have had no further complications. I was restricted from work for one week and then back to my regular routine.
  • 34 Weeks - Had the flu and went in for IVs/fluids. Once I was given some anti-nausea meds the whole world was a nicer place. I was in over night because the dehydration was causing some minor contractions. Really this was not a big deal.
  • 36 Weeks - We were only at the hospital a few hours and sent home for false labor. Better safe than sorry they said. It was interesting because the power went out while we were there and got to drive home during the big "ike storm of Cincinnati."

So, really all of these visits ended in the baby and me being just fine. No worries everyone.

Tuesday, September 16

More pictures of Zoe

Can you tell she likes the new couch...or should I say ottoman.

We wanted to eat our mac and cheese while standing on our "step"

Prego Pictures

So I realized I don't have many prego pictures and made Matt take these of me. I am tired not angry.

Ike Damage

This is some of the tree damage just within blocks of our house...

Just across the street
On our street

Monday, September 15

Hurrican Ike Hits Cincinnati

I can't believe that Hurricane IKE hit the midwest. Even though the worst of the winds were yesterday I think today was worse. We were very lucky to get our power back last night.
  • The clean up is massive from the 80 mph winds we had. We were find and didn't really have any damage to our house. Matt spent hours today (on his day off) helping our neighbor with their yard.
  • Zoe's school was closed because they still don't have power.
  • My offices, which are down the street from the hospital, was only on emergency power and therefore we had no power. I had meetings and went home about noon to work from my computer.
  • The gas stations are crazy. The ones that have power and can pump only have premium left. There are massive lines. Thank goodness we heard that gas prices might jump and filled up our vehicles on Friday and Matt even filled up 6 gas cans. We are good to go for awhile.
  • The grocery stores are closed! No power still. Even the one right around the corner from us and we have power.

Unfortunately we can't blame this freak storm for the Benglas loss yesterday. We had friends at the game and they didn't even realize what was going on. The dome of the stadium shielded them from the winds.

Thursday, September 11

Phone Bill Scam


So, our phone bill when up $30 this month. I was curious and called to see why. Did you know that when you are in the hospital that they apply the charges to you home telephone bill. I was only in observation for 23 hours and it cost us $17.75 for a phone in my room.

I also had this crazy charge from a voicemail company. They said that I applied for it online and had my email address. We never requested this service and I had to call Cincinnati Bell, then the billing company and then the voicemail company to get it cancelled and dispute the charge.


Call your phone company. They can block people from billing your home telephone account. Everyone except hospitals that is.

The wierd part is that it was not my hotmail account, but my fuse account which I rarely use.

Crazy huh! Just another internet scam to watch out for.

Monday, September 8

Austin Playing Football

I had to make Austin famous and put him on my blog. Look at him play football. I bet Chris is so proud. =)

Tuesday, September 2

More Summer Fun

Look at me hanging from the jungle jim at the playground. Daddy's helping a little bit. =)
Daddy, Grampy and Zoe at the playground/sprinkler park.
This is from a few weeks ago, bu this is from teh opening of the new Liberty Township location for Cincinnati Children's.

Summer Pics

Singing and Dancing Zoe!

I love this outfit. My Uncle Sunny and Aunt Lynn gave this to Zoe when she was 6 months old. Look how it fits her now. Look at her princess hair too. We call it that in honor of Princess Leah from Star Wars. LOL.

Look at how long her hair really is when it is down. Amazing. And we wonder why everyone always thinks she is so much older than what she is.