Monday, May 24

Dad's home

Well, dad is home from rehab. He is doing better and in less pain. He is just happy to be home and able to eat what he wants.

Wednesday, May 12

Spring School Pictures

For those without are the new school pics. I actually don't have the real pics yet

Thursday, May 6

No surgery for dad after all

Well, after looking at the CT surgery for dad. He is being transferred to inpatient rehab at HealthSouth.

Monday, May 3

Dad's hurt again...hip replacement surgery needed

Dad dad fell off his bike on Satrday afternoon. He was transported to Deaconess Downtown in Evansville, IN and as of now has fractured ribs, pelvis, and hip. He is going to need a hip replacement. We haven't found out yet when, but will probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

I too researched the doctors and hospital web site, but from my hospital work knowledge I know even more. Yes, I have constantly reaffirmed with mom and dad that dad needs an anterior hip replacement, BUT this approach is not just what the doctor is able to perform, but involves a special operating table as well. There are several reasons that anterior is better such as less blood loss, faster recovery, less chance of infection, mobility, less scaring, smaller incisions, and he would not be sitting on the incision - OUCH!

I even made mom watch a video on my iphone that showed the procedure from the posterior and what it all invovles. It's on -

I have not been able to get out of anyone at Deaconess if they can even perform the anterior approach or if they have this operating table or if their Gateway campus does. I know St. Mary's and TriState Orthopedics does an anterior approach and does a good job explaining and suggesting the anterior hip. So, time will tell what next steps are.

I will keep you all posted.