Thursday, March 30


Zoë's name has an umlaut above the e. I never knew that's what this was called until Kate Westrich at my work told me. I am passing along the knowledge.

Zccording to

um·laut ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mlout)n.

  • A change in a vowel sound caused by partial assimilation especially to a vowel or semivowel occurring in the following syllable.
  • A vowel sound changed in this manner. Also called vowel mutation.
    The diacritic mark (¨) placed over a vowel to indicate an umlaut, especially in German.

Zoë's growing up!

Zoë can now roll over from her back to her side and pick up her head for awhile when I am holding her on my chest. She also slept through the night the last two nights. Tuesday from 12 until 6:30am and then last night from 1am until 7am. So we are starting to get into a routine.

Has anyone been outside today? It is in the 70s and beautiful!

Tuesday, March 28

Poo incident!

I was very lucky to have a friend that bought me the Huggies disposable changing pads for me at one of my showers. Yesterday I was at the mall and decided it was time for me to use the restroom. While in there I decided to check Zoë’s diaper. I guess we are on the same clock because as I began to change her wet diaper she decided to poo. No just a little, but a volcanic poo that shot across the changing station. Not just once, but three times! Then she decided to pee too. Because I had strategically placed the dipsoable pad under her I didn’t have to clean the station, but it took every wet wipe to clean her up. What a close call!

Tuesday, March 21

Doctor Visit

Zoe had her 1 month doctor visit today. Everything is great. She has gained about 1 lb. and grew about 1 inch. She is healthy and growing just great. It is snowing here today. It is the first snow since the day that Zoe was born.

Monday, March 13

Typical Smith Days!

I love this picture because this is how Matt holds Zoe most of the time. She just relaxes on his legs and takes a nap.
Zoe is taking an easy on mommy's boppy. Look at those bright eyes. We wonder what color they are going to end up being. We hope blue!

Monday, March 6

Healing just fine

I went to the doctor last Friday and found out that the lump that is in my scar is normal. He said that I need to put a heating pad on it a few times a day to help the circulation and healing process. This was a big relief for me. I was really worried about it. So, I am on the road to recovery.

Zoe is doing great. We are trying to slow down her eating because she is giving herself the hiccups a lot. We are going to try different bottles and nipples to help her out. By the way...we have learned that Pampers are the best diapers! At least for Zoe. She is so little that she will be in newborn swaddlers for quite awhile.

Thursday, March 2

Zoe and her first Longaberger Basket.

My mom's cousin Cathy bought this basket for Zoe. It is her first Longaberger basket and one of the first of its kind. What a beautiful weave and baby. =)

Update on mom and Zoe

Things are getting better in the Smith household. Zoe is eating much better. She is still sleeping a bunch and we are trying to keep her up during the day so that she will sleep better at night. She seems to want to play and get up after eating in the middle of the night.

I am doing better now. After getting over the uterine infection, I was overcome with a bowel obstruction. I finally starting to feel normal again that past few days. I now have a lump in my scar that I am getting checked out tomorrow at the doctor's office. We hope it is nothing, but have no idea what it could be. So, we will keep you posted.

Matt is back to work and we are trying to get a routine. Thank goodness my mom is here to help us!

Wednesday, March 1

Brush our hair

Zoe loves to get her hair brushed. She is already a diva. Look how alert she is. We only get to see those beautiful eyes a few hours a day. She sleeps a lot.