Friday, October 28

Baby Update

All is fine in Smith Baby world. I am 21 weeks. Yesterday was a rough day. I felt a little sick, but overall I have been fine. A little tired, being not really hungrgy, and back pain are the only complaints that I have.

The baby's room is decorated and furniture is in place.

We are having a scheduled Cesarean Section in March. We are going to be going to baby care classes, baby first aid, and a Cesarean education class in January.

We already picked out our pediatrician and toured their office. Very nice and right next to Matt's work.

We are on 2 waiting lists for day care and I am still looking for 2 other alternatives just in case.

Can you tell I am a planner? Except for the fact that I want to be surprised if it is a girl or a boy. I think it is just so much more fun if you don't know.

Wednesday, October 12

Baby News

For those of you who don't know...Matt and I are having a baby. We are 19 weeks along.

We are not going to find out the sex of the baby, but have narrowed down the names to either
Jacob Montogmery Smith or Madelyn Belle Smith.

The baby "sweet pea" and I have been pretty healthy. Just a little back pain so far and just a little nausea. Pretty easy so far. I am really starting to show. I will have to post some pregnancy pictures soon.

Tuesday, October 4

West Side Nut Club Fall Festival

Yes, it is the week of the fall festival. Matt and I are headed to Evansville this weekend. We will be helping out a little at the TKE Stromboli booth but mostly enjoying seeing old friends and rememberin when we met here 8 years ago. I can't!