Friday, August 29

The flu bug got me

We to all to a long list of prego issues here is another one. I got the flu...and I got really dehydrated really fast. I called the OB and they told me to go to the hospital. On the way I started to have some pretty harsh contractions, which was caused by dehydration. So, I was put on IVs and in an observation room for 24 hours. Yes, I had to stay overnight Wednesday night. I was so glad to come home yesterday and sleep in my own bed! Everything is fine now, but it was still pretty scary.

Monday, August 25

Baby Dave!

Are you still checking my blog? If so, call Dave and Kay. They are worried because they haven't heard from you in awhile.

Visiting with Erin

These are some of the pictures Erin took while visiting us a few weeks ago: Posing for the camera!

Zoe in her Jeep.
Eating Ice cream with Daddy.
Erin and Zoe.

Tuesday, August 19

Water Line Update

They marking up are yard right now for all the utilities and will be out tomorrow morning at 8am to fix our water leak! Yeah....I will be so relieved!

Water Line Break

Well, what an exiciting few days we have had! The main line coming into the house is leaking a massive amount of water through the foundation, on the basement floor and into the drain. We found out the leak is right up next to the house. After much confusion about what method to use to get this fixed we are going to try to "pull the line" into the house instead of excavating the entire yard. This will hopefully save our big tree in our front yard and avoid having to dig up the entire front yard.

Matt started digging up a bunch of the landscaping trying to save my perinnels. While he was doing that he found the leak...there is a huge sink hole right up next to the house. Thank goodness he wasn't standing there when it gave in!

We have been dealing with this since Friday and know exacting when it will be fixed, but it should be by the end of the week. Until then we have a "key" to shut the water on and off at the street, but we are really trying not to even use it at all. I am terrified that the line is going to totally bust and then what would happen to our foundation!

We are hoping for the best and very sad about how much this all going to cost!

Wednesday, August 13

The Hollylocks and Goblolikins

The Hollylocks and Goblolikins

This totally cracks me up. I found this poem on and it has Hollylocks it in. How funny. I wish I could find the poem that Weasel wrote about me and called me Hollylocks....that's where is all began. =)

The Hollylocks and Goblolikins
Live in the Acres; a part of the wood,
At a distance from the Avalon place
Where the homes of the fairies stood.

They forage together in nearby brush
And harvest the tuber and berry;
Eating away at roots of the Bonna,
Bringing back what they could carry.

The Hollylocks were a bluish color;
Walk upright with a hunch,
And make a loud and grinding noise
When they sit to eat their lunch.

The Goblolikins walk upon all fours
Have golden, brownish hair
That curls in circles that reach the ground;
In these parts they are quite rare.

And in the night they humble themselves
Leaning quietly against the trees;
Sleep soundly as a newborn baby,
Once they lock their knobby knees.

The fairies liked to play with them;
Making fun of their funny noise;
Those hairy locks that reached the ground,
And the night time leaning poise.

Hollylocks and Goblolikins
Don’t know what fairies do;
But they are friendly, small, no problem at all,
And are kind and friendly too.

They tolerate each other's wonderings
Into their lands far, but near.
And watch each other throughout the day
So passive, without any fear.

Nestled down in the Acres of the wood
Near Avalon, the fairyland,
Happily live the Hollylocks and Goblolikins
In the forest near the downland.

Christopher Haywood
20 January 2007

Thursday, August 7

Baby Smith#2

So, we this pregnancy hasn’t been near as easy as Zoe.

  • It took us longer to get pregnant and more money since we had to switch to In-vetro this time.
  • Then I had an erupted varicose vein my uterus at 18 weeks, which was scary and we thought we were losing the baby. Fortunately we haven’t any problems with that since I was at the hospital. I was put on limited activity for a week.
  • I have had a lot of pressure and felt really uncomfortable for most of the pregnancy. Most of all I feel bad for Zoe because there is so much I can’t do with her right now.
    They could not find the babies stomach bubble in the ultrasound, but they finally found it.
  • Now, I just found out that I have Gestational Diabetes. This isn’t really a big deal, I just need to alter my diet and then test/prick myself 4 times a day.
    So, needless to say, I am ready for this baby to come.

    The good news is that the baby seems to be very healthy and strong. It hurts when this one kicks and he or she is very active. Only 9 weeks left!