Monday, April 26

Jayden is talking more and more

Jayden has really started talking more and more lately. He is waving and saying "hi" and "bye bye." He also is signing more and has signed all done for a long time, but is using drink and eat. 18 months is a fun time! He is walking like a rock star, but still unsteady on his feet at times.

I love that he is such a good sleeper. Pretty much 7pm - 7am still. I have to wake him up early for work days about 6:30am. He still gets plenty of rest.

Still doing his breathing treatments. Trying to get over his bronchitis he has the last couple weeks. Antibiotics is all gone, but still sounds congested and yucky.

Tuesday, April 6


Just one of those days where I am feeling like a big sigh is coming on. Just tired and feeling yucky like I am in slow motion today. A little depressed for no good reason. Just gotta get through today.