Friday, October 20

Football Abuse

You are not going to believe this story. A 9-year old on tape being man-handled by his coach. Check is out on search for Mason Ohio Football. It is the first thing that comes up. Watch and read their story.

Wednesday, October 18

Life List #2

I love hot air balloons. I think #2 is that I would like to go up in a hot air balloon.

I think about this all the time, but I must say I normally seek out and do what I want to do; therefore, this is a difficult task to create a life list. I think you all might have good ideas for me that you have heard me say. Let's here them.

Monday, October 16


Last night Zoe went to bed at 9pm and is still asleep at 5:30am. She hasn't been sleeping well with her ear hopefully she is on the road to recovery.

Grammy is here visiting and is going to watch her at home. So, they will both have a fun day today.

Wednesday, October 11

Another ear infection

I am sad to report that Zoe has another ear infection in her other ear. She was tugging on it all the time and just not getting any better. On top of it all she still has her cold with a runny nose and cough....but the doc says she just has to "get over it." I just wish she would feel better. She still seems to be happy most of the time, but she hates it when I have to suction her nose.

Friday, October 6

Ear Infection

Zoe got her first ear infection this week. She went to the doctor on Monday, but she is already back to her old self.

This weekend is Tall Stacks here in Cincinnati. Mom, Dad and my brother Shane are all coming to visit and have fun in the nati!

Monday, October 2

New Daycare Pics for September

Eating a graham cracker!
Hanging out in a box...what fun.
Looks like I am waving...huh.

Meet Sarah my daycare teacher. I love her and give her kisses.