Friday, April 11

Just one of those days

At drop of this morning my badge on my suit jacket kept catching zoe's hair. So, I stuck on the back of my coat on the bottom. But two hours later, I just realized it was still there and I was walking around with it hanging by my buttocks. How funny that no one told me or saw it. LOL!

Wednesday, April 9

New baby

I think just about everyone who reads my blog now knows sorry if this is the first time you have heard that we are expecting again. I am about 14 weeks now. We got to see an ultrasound yesterday, which was a lot of fun and then we get another one in about 6 weeks.

Everything appears to be healthy and I feel great. Again, no morning sickness.

So, now you know why Zoe is in a big girl bed/room. We moved her over a few weeks ago and she is doing great.

Wednesday, April 2

Poor shoe saleswoman

So, we made our spring trip to Stride Rite. Boy was that a trip. Zoe was so happy...we were trying on the shoes on the floor and she found a pair she loved, but they were not the right size and ones we didn't really need. Well, when it came time to try on the 2 pair that I picked out and get her feet measured she threw a temper tantrum. She hit the sales lady and told her no. "Those are my shoes," she said pointing to the other ones. Needless to say we quickly bought our shoes and scooted home.