Tuesday, July 29

Wait a second

Zoe is talking up a storm and cracking us up lately. She loves to say..."wait a second," while putting up her hand to you. She is totally into stripes and loves to I spy flags when we are driving. They had a flag week at her school during the 4th and has love to look for them every where. She is still in the....where....where phase too.

It is amazing how much knows already. She is a good helper too. She likes to help me clean up. She will sing her little pick up, pick up song. It's too cute.

But, we are very stubborn! It is all about what she wants. Typical 2 year old.

Monday, July 14


Pasta lover!

We had a pretty good weekend. We were busy, but had fun. Matt and Zoe went to yard sales and picked up some good buys for toys. When they came home, Zoe started to cry that she wanted to keep going to more...so they hit a few more sales.

Also, our yard and landscaping is finally starting to look better. After working on it for 4 years and the help from all the rain this year...it looks great.

Monday, July 7

July 4 Holiday Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend even though we stayed home. We started of on Thursday by getting our new couch.

Bought new double stroller
Zoe played at the inside playground (it was raining)
Audrey from the across the street came over to play
It stopped raining just in time so we could go and see fireworks. Zoe was scared at first, but then really liked them.

Went to the boaters appreciation luncheon
Went for a boat ride and fishing. Matt caught a wierd fish with teeth.
Visited with the neighbors across the street and had supper (ribs yum) and the girls went swimming in their pool. I made homemade ice cream.

Matt worked on cutting down an uprooted tree in the yard and planted a new tree. Matt got to use his chain saw so he was really happy.
We went to the Beach Waterpark.

Pretty fun weekend all in all.

The Beach Waterpark

July 4

Thursday, July 3

Minnie Ears

Zoe likes her hair like this. She says Minni Ears. Happy July 4 to all of you.