Thursday, July 21

Matt's in Texas

Matt's in Texas today. He was nominated to the Presiden't Council at KCI. I am very proud of him. He said that there is a Bass Pro Shop right beside his hotel. He is in heaven.

Tuesday, July 19

Adoption Agency

Matt and I are going to an adoption agency tonight for our orientation. It is right down the street from where he works, which will be nice. It is a very long process, but we are hoping for the best. Keep praying for us.

Friday, July 8

Moving to Santa Claus, Indiana?

I got a call from Alex Mlsna that he was looking at taking a job in my hometown of Santa Claus, Indiana. How wierd is that. A true city boy may becoming a country bumkin. =)

This weekend

Matt's Mom and Dad are visiting this weekend. We are taking them on the boat tomorrow. It should be a good time. Matt and Mark are going to go fishing (of course).

I get to go to the Contemporary Arts Center downtown today (7/8/05). Our whole department is taking a field trip. From what I hear...I don't think I am going to really enjoy it. Way too contemporary for me. I am just a simple country girl at heart.