Thursday, August 31


Zoë said MaMa today. More like mamamamamamamama, but she did. Not just once, twice, but like 12 times. I made me so happy! Matt said, she might say mama first, but she still looks like me.

Friday, August 25

Zoe's hammin' it up at Daycare!

Look at this little crazy haired girl. Just hammin' it up for the camera!

Zoe's so happy!

Betty at my work got this stuffed animal dog. Zoe just loves it! Anything soft that she can play and cuddle with.
She actually played with it first and then fell asleep. =)
If you can't read this shirt, it says...."Daddy does my hair." Sarah at daycare put Zoe's hair up in a pigtail on the top of her head and I had to get a picture with Matt. Ohhhh so cute!

Tuesday, August 22

Stranger Danger.

Watch out! Zoë has all of a sudden developed not only a strange anxiety, but also a mommy complex. She is all about mommy and only the day care providers that she Sarah and the other teachers in the bunny room. So, if you see her soon, just watch out. She even cries at Matt.....and we don't know why.

She is also working on her sitting skills. She is doing very well with small assistance. Soon enough she will be doing it all on her own.

Saturday, August 19

6 Months old!

Zoë is over 6 months old now. It is so hard to believe she is growing up so fast. She can now roll from front to back and back to front. She is so happy most of the time. She is still drooling and we are awaiting that first tooth. She is such a precious baby!

Tuesday, August 15

Maine Vacation 2006

Matt climbed Mt. Blue. It was a really rough incline, but he did it.
Zoe in her bathing suit going for her first swim.
Look at the funny face she made. She knew something exciting was going to happen.
Grammy, Great Aunt Barbara and Zoe.

Our view from our porch at camp. So peaceful.