Wednesday, May 28

Pregnancy Issues

Well, last week was quite a scare. We ended up going to the hospital on Tuesday, but everything is now fine. They seem to think that I had an erupted varicose vein in my uterus. Good news is that has nothing to do with my pregnancy or the health of the baby. I am now about 20 weeks and after being off last week and Monday I am doing much better. I think this more emotionally upsetting than anything. Not to mention the horrible experience from my doctor's office and the hospital. YUCK!

Can believe we are half way there!

Tuesday, May 13

2:30am Potty Run

On Friday night Zoe woke up at 2:30am. I walked in her room and she said, "Mama, I need to go potty." I took her to the bathroom and she sure enough had to go. We then had a 20 minute conversation. She told me all about the potty, the walls, the door, how she had fun at school, and on and on. She spoke so clearly it was like a light went off and she was no longer a baby, but a little girl. It was hilarious and amazing.

Sunday, May 4

First Trip to Holiday World

Still scared of Santa
Bunny time
Of course we would pick the bunny on the carousel
Holidog Funtown
Fish - this was our favorite ride

Visiting Grammy - 2

Swinging with Grampy
Reading ith Grampy
Art time - oh, excuse the crazy hair!

Visiting Grammy - 1

Playing Dress Up
Face Painting

going WWEEEE in the swing and taking off her shoes and socks