Monday, July 24

Yes, we are rolling over!

Zoë officially rolled over last Thursday night at home! She gets frustrated if anything is in her way. She is a little sick right now with an upper respiratory infection and a nasty cough. She should be back to normal in a couple of days. Have fun looking at the pictures below!

July Day Care Pics

Look at the big girl in her exercaucer!
She got so warn out she feel asleep.
Making daddy proud watchin' those fish.
Our happy little day care.

Monday, July 17

Rolling Over?

Baby girl is trying to hard to roll over, but she just can't get her arm out of the way. We are letting her chew on frozen teething rings. We are pretty sure with the intense drooling and fussy behavior lately, that she is getting ready to cut a tooth soon. We also have been giving her some water in a sippy cup. Many things we have read said to start introducing them now.

We are getting prepared for our trip to Maine. I bought Zoë's first bathing suit and it is so cute. I can't wait to post more pictures.