Thursday, January 26

Cesarean Birth Class

Well, it is official. My Cesarean is scheduled for March 13. Matt decided somewhere along the way that he was going to watch. BUT after he almost passed out in class watching the video....he is not going to watch. He had decided that he may even need to leave the room at some point. So, I am glad that we went to the class and he now knows his limits!

Friday, January 13

Baby Smith Update

Baby Smith is doing great. We had an ultrasound last week. The baby is 3 lbs. and 44 percentile. Sweet Pea looked right at us during the ultrasound. Lots of movement and kicking these days. We have a soccer player or a boxer on our hands! It is so hard to believe I only have 8 weeks left.

My baby shower is Feb. 4th in Evansville, which should be fun. I just hope people come because I only have 1 RSVP as of now. We will be sure to post another belly pic soon.