Friday, September 29

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Concert Winner

Well, I entered Matt's pic in a radio station contest for best look at like for Jeff Gordon and we won! We got two tickets to the Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Concert for tomorrow night. I won them a few weeks ago, but I thought all of you should know we aren't the only ones that think he looks like Jeff.

Tuesday, September 26

Life List - #1

So, now that we have DVR I am totally watching Ellen all the time. She is not only funny, but I also learn so much about cool gadgets, current events in entertainment, but I feel enlightened after a fun filled show. I am encouraged to start a life list that she is telling everyone to start. The only thing that I know for #1 I would want to add right now is going to Hawaii, where I was born.

I have a pretty good life right now. Zoe is so beautiful, I have my amazing husband Matt and a great career. Life is pretty good, but I am so goal oriented that a Life List seems like the perfect thing for me to start. As I start to add things, I will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, September 20

Formula Recall

Nutrition product-maker Ross Products Division is voluntarily recalling 300,000 bottles of three types of Similac infant formula due to a bottle defect. They are recalling the ready-to-feed infant formula's because they do not contain as much vitamin C as indicated on the label.

What to look for:
  • Similac Alimentum Advance liquid formula. Expiration date: May 1, 2007. Printed on the back of the bottle is the following stock code, 57512; and lot number, 401895V.
  • Similac Advance with iron liquid. Expiration date: Nov. 1, 2007, stock code: 55961; and lot numbers: 40177RH and 40172RH.
  • Similac Advance Hospital Discharge Kits. Stock code, 58986; and lot number, 41699DS.
    Abbott discovered the problem through customer complaints for an unusually dark formula color, which the company said is due to a defect by a third-party bottle manufacturer. A chemical layer inside the bottle that protects oxygen from breaking down vitamin C was missing, which the bottle-manufacturer has corrected, Abbott spokeswoman Tracey Noe said.

Abbott said it will replace for free the products from the affected lots. Customers with questions can call, 800-624-3412.

Monday, September 11

New Daycare Pics for August

Zoe just grabed the piece of bread and chomped away.
Just hangin' in the exercauser.
Going for a buggy ride!

Tuesday, September 5

Zoë's so cute

Zoë in her ladybug dress she wore to church.
Zoë on the boat at Dale Hollow. She loved it! We had a great trip and lots of fun. The cabin we stayed in was amazing.

Look at her playing model with my sunglasses. She now poses for the camera.

Friday, September 1


Zoë had her checkup today. Matt took her this morning. She got her 6 month shots.

She is 16 lbs. 2 oz. She is 55% in weight and 75% in height. She is now allowed to eat #2 baby food and if she can pickup and put in her mouth cheerios, she can eat them!

We are headed to Dale Hollow for the holiday weekend. We hope all of you out there have a fun one. It will be Zoë's first time on the boat.