Tuesday, April 24

Sick Kid

Poor Zoe, she has been snotty and feeling crummy. Today she threw up for the first time at daycare. There is a gastro intestinal virus going around and of course she got it. YUCK. I am leaving soon to go pick her up. =(

Monday, April 16

Top Tooth

Zoe got in her top left tooth this past week! 3 down...how many to go?

Tuesday, April 10

Too smart for her own good

Well, Zoƫ shut her bedroom door last night. She then immediately got up and tried the door knob for about a minute. When she realize she couldn't get it she then started banging on the door for me to open it. It was hilarious. I couldn't believe that she knew how to open a door.

This morning she said vroom vroom when we were heading towards the car.

Tuesday, April 3

More words

We are starting to say lots of words now. In addition to mama, dada, and uh-oh, we are also saying that, hi, ball, milk (kinda) and signing more, milk, and waving hi and bye all the time. Everyday there is something exciting. She is starting to mimic sounds. Like dogs barking too. It's hilarious.