Monday, December 13

Zoe Christmas 2010

Zoe at home in front of the Christmas Tree after her Christmas program at school. Look how all grown up she looks. 4 going on 40.

Friday, November 5

Zoe's first boyfriend

I think Zoe has her first official pre-k romance. Isaac is adorable and I think I have a picture of him she took on her Fischer Price camera. I'll have to post it soon. =)

Jayden's such a big boy now

Jayden is offically in a toddler bed now. There was 2 nights that Zoe slept on his floor on a futon beside him. I think she was worried about him falling out of bed. Hilarious. He did just great and slept all night as usual.

Thursday, October 21

Zoe's incident

Zoe loves the foam letters that Uncle Shane gave Jayden for the bath tub. Found one on her butt when I was getting her out of the tub. They don't just stick to the side of the tub, but to everything....LOL!

Wednesday, September 29

Jayden fall 2010

Zoe Outside Fall 2010

Zoe Fall 2010

Jayden kissing Uncle Shane

I love this picture that Tiffany took!

Jayden is almost 2!

I can't believe it...Jayden is almost 2. He has been talking up a storm the last 2 months. He says works, colors, phrases. Just like moon in the sky. Monkey with yellow hat. Still sometimes it isn't exactly clear what he is saying, but defintely much better than in the past.

Tuesday, August 31

School in full swing

Well, back to school I go. I officially started my MBA on July 30. Really this is the first chance I have had to blog about it. Having fun...but it is a ton of work! It's a 20 month program. So, I am already looking forward to 5/12/12!

Monday, July 12

45 is Zoe's favorite number

I don't know what is up with 45, but Zoe seems to love this number.
  • How long until we get there? 45 minutes
  • How many days until we can see Eliya? 45 days
  • How many minutes until Hannah starts? 45 minutes
  • How many dolls do you have? about 45
  • How old is Grandpa? 45

She totally cracks me up with this!

Monday, May 24

Dad's home

Well, dad is home from rehab. He is doing better and in less pain. He is just happy to be home and able to eat what he wants.

Wednesday, May 12

Spring School Pictures

For those without are the new school pics. I actually don't have the real pics yet

Thursday, May 6

No surgery for dad after all

Well, after looking at the CT surgery for dad. He is being transferred to inpatient rehab at HealthSouth.

Monday, May 3

Dad's hurt again...hip replacement surgery needed

Dad dad fell off his bike on Satrday afternoon. He was transported to Deaconess Downtown in Evansville, IN and as of now has fractured ribs, pelvis, and hip. He is going to need a hip replacement. We haven't found out yet when, but will probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

I too researched the doctors and hospital web site, but from my hospital work knowledge I know even more. Yes, I have constantly reaffirmed with mom and dad that dad needs an anterior hip replacement, BUT this approach is not just what the doctor is able to perform, but involves a special operating table as well. There are several reasons that anterior is better such as less blood loss, faster recovery, less chance of infection, mobility, less scaring, smaller incisions, and he would not be sitting on the incision - OUCH!

I even made mom watch a video on my iphone that showed the procedure from the posterior and what it all invovles. It's on -

I have not been able to get out of anyone at Deaconess if they can even perform the anterior approach or if they have this operating table or if their Gateway campus does. I know St. Mary's and TriState Orthopedics does an anterior approach and does a good job explaining and suggesting the anterior hip. So, time will tell what next steps are.

I will keep you all posted.

Monday, April 26

Jayden is talking more and more

Jayden has really started talking more and more lately. He is waving and saying "hi" and "bye bye." He also is signing more and has signed all done for a long time, but is using drink and eat. 18 months is a fun time! He is walking like a rock star, but still unsteady on his feet at times.

I love that he is such a good sleeper. Pretty much 7pm - 7am still. I have to wake him up early for work days about 6:30am. He still gets plenty of rest.

Still doing his breathing treatments. Trying to get over his bronchitis he has the last couple weeks. Antibiotics is all gone, but still sounds congested and yucky.

Tuesday, April 6


Just one of those days where I am feeling like a big sigh is coming on. Just tired and feeling yucky like I am in slow motion today. A little depressed for no good reason. Just gotta get through today.

Tuesday, March 30

What a crazy day!

What a crazy day. I got to ride in a cessna back and forth bad I hate flying. Then the title company didn't send the paperwork for the Cincy house until 4:55pm and then I had to call upon friends to find a notary. Found one and got the paperwork to FedEx before they closed! Then I had to pick up the kids at Grandma and Grandpas and wouldn't you know it was bath night! ugh. I am exhausted!

Thursday, March 4

Zoe turns 4

Here are some great pics of Zoe. Hard to believe she is already 4 years old.

Tuesday, February 23

New daycare for Jayden

Jayden started at the same daycare OR "school" as Zoe says. Just one drop-off in the mornings....ahhhhh life is good. Jayden is 16 months and really toddeling these days. He can walk across a room or take three steps and fall. I bet he will be a pro by the time Matt' s home this weekend. I love this age!

Zoe's had her week of birthdays last week. Tuesday was Matt's bday, Thursday was Zoe's, Friday was Holly's and Saturday the Zoo Party and Sunday the "family" party. It was a fun filled week for all. Hard to believe she is already 4 years old.

Thursday, January 21

Zoe got a big hair cut!

So, I (well...the lady at the hair place) chopped off a bunch of Zoe's hair. Looks good...

All moved to finish unpacking

So, we are all moved in and it has been a crazy month! I can't believe I have been at my new job for almost 2 weeks. Zoe is adjusting much better than Jayden to her new school. Jayden is cutting several teeth and him and I had the flu last week. Yes, on my first week at the new job.

Here are some good over the last month...