Friday, September 21

Daycare Pics - September 2007

So serious.
Theirs my fun Zoe.
Whoops...Arushi is already sitting there.
Ladybugs getting read to.
Playing with playdough and Luke.

Thursday, September 13

Labor Day Pics

Daddy and Zoe in the Lake at Brookville.
Audrey Joins in.

Audrey swinging Zoe in her back yard.

Zoe Pics at home and on the boat

So, normally Zoe has on a lifejacket...but I had just changed her diaper and she ran off with the Kicks ceral and I took a picture. I just wanted to let everyone one this isn't the norm. I love this picture with Matt fishing in the background.
Zoe's going to be a flower for Halloween.
This was the other option as a rooster, but the costume is too big and not a cute as the other one.
Look how grown up we are at 18 months old.
A new family pic with my hair all cut off.

Recapping some Maine/Niagra Pics

Friday, September 7

Zoe Daycare Pics - August 2007

Painting in the new Ladybug room.
I guess the paint was tasty.
Another of Zoe's many faces.
Crawling through the tunnel.
Playing with the peas in the sensory table.

Tuesday, September 4

Fun Labor Day Weekend

We had a lot of fun this weekend with Zoe. We went to the park, to the Bass Pro Shop to see the fishy, watched the fireworks over the Ohio from the boat, went to the beach, went to a party and spend time with our neighbors. It was a busy weekend but a lot of fun.

Lobster Roll

I forgot to mention that Zoe loves lobster. She kept signing more, more....more. What can I say. She has expensive taste buds.