Monday, February 18

Birthday Party1

Zoe had a great birthday. Her party was yesterday with her friends: Audrey, Jorn, Jessica, Jack and Katie. They all had fun!

Birthday Party 2

Zoe turns 2

Here a some of Zoe's cute 2 year old pics

Disney Cruise

Our Disney Cruise was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of characters and go to Nassau site seeing and then to Castaway Cay, which is Disney's private island. I loved the Castaway Cay the best. Zoe got to go swimming and see the ocean for the first time. She loved the water and the sand. Also, she got to do a lot of dancing that you will see. We took a lot more pictures but these were some of my favorites.

Disney 1

Disney 2

Disney 3

Disney 4

Disney 5

Disney 6

Monday, February 4

New job and new school

There is a lot happening this week in the Smith household. My last day my job is this Friday. I have taken a position at another local hospital. So, this Friday is also Zoë’s last day at daycare since it is here at work.

We head out on our Disney cruise on Sunday. When I get back I have off 2 weeks to try and everything done before I start at my new job on 3/3. I will be using this time to get Zoë adjusted to her new school and getting a ton of stuff done around the house.