Sunday, August 14


So, our professor tells a story how after one of his finals in college he took the book and ran over with his car in the parking lot. I feel like that now with his class in microeconomics. My brain is just made more for marketing!

Friday, June 24

Blueberry Pineapple Dump Cake

Awesome Recipe!!

Blueberry Pineapple Dump Cake
· 1 20 oz can crushed pineapple
· 2 cups of fresh blueberries
· 1 box of your choice of cake mix (I used white)
· ½ cup of melted butter

Drain off the pineapple juice (save it) and then just put the blueberries and pineapple in the bottom of the pain.
Mix the pineapple juice and melted stick of butter with the cake mix – spread over fruit
Optional (Can drizzle brown sugar on top)
Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes

The new clubhouse

I wish you all could have seen Zoe and Jayden's reaction when we got home yesterday. Zoe just kept saying Oh my and Jayden just kept gasping and saying it's a house! We played in the rain and then it let up. It was worth it to clean up the wet and muddy kids to let them play on their new swingset. It was better than Christmas morning.

Now Zoe has deemed it the 'clubhouse.' Think she is taking that one from Mickey Mouse. =)

Beloved Books

My kids are both BOOK HOGS. They love to read and/or be read to. I just love when I see worn out books. It means that a child has loved that book so much until its last days. It signifies this book's story has been loved and cherished. It represents some of the best bonding times with my kiddos and I love spending this precious time with them.

Romance Tribulations of a 5 year old

So, yesterday my sad little girl was in the car sulking with her arms crossed and repled in a whimpy voice, "Issac is no longer my boyfriend. I can't believe I did all that stuff with him." My mind starts racing...what did she do with him? I calmly reply what happened. He said America is his girlfriend and he is going to marry her. I asked her what stuff did you do with him? She answered, "I spent all that time playing T-ball with him. Why did I do that?" Whewwwww I was relieved. I then just reminded her we didn't even know he was going to be on her T-ball team. She played to learn and have fun...not for a silly boy!

Saturday, June 18

Why do I love healthcare marketing?

Funny how time goes on and you don't realize who knows - my story. Not only do I have a degree in Kinesiology/Sports Medicine, I also have a lot of personal experience in hospitals.

When I was a kid I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After years of unsucessful treatments, I finally ended up at Cleveland Clinic and had an amazing experience and lifesaving procedure that removed by rectum and colon and now have an internal J-Pouch. Great Outcomes!!

My family has a joke because I am for the most part the well one and everyone else is in the hospital for one reason or another. So, personal experience and education makes me passionate about healthcare marketing and getting people to understand and get the care they need.

Friday, April 22

Get in the car

We took a family trip to the grocery store. First time in the a long time where the whole family went to the store. Zoe and Jayden were crammed in the car hooked to the front of the car. Zoe hops out Jayden yells in a devilish raspy voice, "Zoe, GET IN THE CAR." It was so crystal clear and funny to hear my baby boy be so bossy.

Saturday, April 9

The saga of Jayden's lost shoe

About 4 weeks ago...or so -- we got home from school/work and Jayden was playing in the living room. All of a sudden, I noticed one of his shoes and sock was off. ~ Unusual for the boy who never wants to take off his shoes. ~ I found the sock and never found the shoe. I looked everywhere, like under beds, under the couch, behind and under and in everything. It was no where to be found. I even asked Jayden all the time, "Where is your shoe?" He would just shake his head. He only has 2 pair of shoes so I went to Kohl's and bought a pair (not ones that I really like). Then this morning I get a call from Zoe -- Jayden just walked up to her and handed his shoe to her. We still don't know where it was, but glad it's back!

Thursday, February 10

Zoe's 5th birthday card

Classic Hot Pink Birthday 5x7 folded card
Wish them a happy birthday with Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, January 11


It snowed a lot and still snowing. Funny that Matt's in Texas and this is first opportunity to use the new snow blower...LOL!