Friday, January 30

Jayden is really sick

Jayden starting getting sick right after starting daycare, which is typical. I have been taking him to the doctor and took him to urgent care for major eye drainage last week. I notice he had slowly been getting and sicker and finally to the point maybe the doctor will give him some antibiotics and my gut was right. He has a double ear infection and bronchiolitis/RSV. He is on antibiotics and breathing treatments and is already feeling much better. Poor baby!

I hate that babies have to get so sick before they can give them something. It just makes me feel so bad because I know he has to feel horrible. We are on the road to recovery now.

Sunday, January 11

Economy Posting

For those of you that know me....the economy posting was me being very facetious. I don't really think it is "awesome" more scary that these things are occuring. I just wanted to clear that up. I think there are lot of families that have been severly affected by the loss of jobs and everyone is tense these days about job security and what this countries future holds. I apologize if my posting offended anyone.

Wednesday, January 7

Economy affects on the Smith Family

So, there is a big slup in the economy. How this affected the Smith Family?
  • It's saving me time form becuase of all the short lines at the stores! Like no one in line at Sam's Club, Panera,'s awesome.
  • It's saving me money with all the great sales, good coupons and lower gas prices.
  • It's saving me gas because I am getting awesome parking spots right in front of the store.

I really think that the reason that people aren't out and about shopping is that they are all home playing their Wii's. LOL.

Tuesday, January 6

Back to routine

I am back to work and the kids are in school! Zoe had a bummer day yesterday. She did great a drop off, but cried a lot during the day. She wanted to be in the room with Jayden. She did go and visit him 3 times though, which made her feel better. I am sure today will be much better.