Tuesday, January 23

ENT Visit

Zoë’s ENT visit went well. Yes, she is getting tubes right before our birthdays on Feb. 15 at Cincinnati Children’s. Zoë was a good baby. She fussed a little when they looked in her ears, but didn't cry. We were there for 2 hours...to see the Dr., do a hearing test and then consultation for surgery. The hearing test was amazing. They would have a sound come from a speaker and then she would look at the speaker when it made a sound. When she looked at the speaker they would light up a Sponge Bob, a Mickey Mouse or a different toy for her reward. I was so impressed…I just don’t give her enough credit.

Monday, January 22

The Colts Win!

Yes, are so excited the Colts won last night. It will be a very exciting Superbowl for us Hoosiers. How many people think we will win?

Sunday, January 21

Snow Day

Nice close up mommy.
Zoe's first snow angel.
Mommy and Zoe playing in the snow.

Zoe playing at home

Hi Grammy and Grampy...I love you this much. OH, the reason that we have red hands and face if from Jello. It's not a rash.
Look at me playing ball.
Crawling around in my hat.

Friday, January 19

Uncle Sonny's Update

Uncle Sonny turned 74 this Wednesday! He wrote the below and I thought it would be fun to share:

On the twentieth of December, I was looking out the window and I could see bare ground with patches of snow in the field across the road. The clouds were low and I couldn’t see the top of the mountain when I realized there were only four more days until Christmas. I hadn’t mailed any cards, done any shopping or written a news letter. I just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit. I realized that Santa couldn’t get down the modern chimneys, they’re too small, and what about those electrically heated homes. Thermodynamically speaking, if Santa traveled fast enough to visit all the Christian children in the world he and his reindeer would burn up like an asteroid entering our atmosphere. Eight reindeer couldn’t pull a sled large enough to carry all the gifts. In fact, I don’t think there are enough reindeer in the world to pull a sled that big. Please don’t tell the children Santa can’t do all the things that he is suppose to do. Remember, ignorance is bliss.

Blogger Fever

So, I hear my mom and dad have got the blogger fever. They finally are looking at this blog and having fun seeing the pictures of Zoe I post. What for new pictures soon. I am going to try to upload some new ones this weekend.

I really can't believe she is going to be 1 in less than a month.

Tuesday, January 16

More new things...

We are also:
  • pointing
  • clapping
  • and getting ready to start pulling up on our own

PE Tubes

Zoe's getting PE tubes in her ears. She still had 2 really bad ear infections on Friday when we went to the pediatrican. We are going to the ENT on 1/22 and we will schedule the outpatient surgery then. We will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 11


It's official. Zoe's crawling on hands and knees as of Tuesday night!

She is also starting to feel better and sleeping better. I hope that we are over this round of ear infections.

Tuesday, January 9

New things...

The last few weeks have been really fun. There are new things that we doing now:
  • holding our own bottle and sippy cup
  • waving hello and goodbye on our own
  • saying uh-oh when we drop something without us prompting her
  • moving all around
  • getting honary and stubborn
  • did I miss anything?

Yes, were sick again!

Can you believe it. Zoe has 2 ear infections again! We are going to the pediatrician this Friday to see if we need to go to an ENT about tubes. Hopefully not, but you never know. Matt's sick too he has an ear infection too. I am stuffy, but nothing perscribed but sudafed. We all went to the urgent care together this weekend. We knocked it out all at one time.

Sunday, January 7


So, Zoe Belle is mobile. She rolls everywhere, does the army crawl, rocks in place in the crawling position and get's up on her feet and hands like above.... BUT when you think of crawling it is normally on hands and knees. Now our baby girl. She is getting faster and faster and loves to stand up. She even let's go now and it so brave, but can't do that yet on her own.

Tuesday, January 2

Zoe Daycare Pics - December

Playing with Flour
Playing in ice
Watching Jeannie dance
reading a book
Merry Christmas!

Monday, January 1

Happy Holidays

Hi all. Happy 2007 to you. It was a fun filled holiday for us. Mark and Edie were here for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Zoe got a few toys and a lot of clothes.

We also had fun New Year's Eve. The Moody's came to visit us and Eliya and Zoe were so cute together. Another year and they will really be able to play well together.

Zoe is creeping and sorta crawling around. She is really more interested in standing these days, but she is really just funny. She has adopted this new scrunch face that daddy taught her and is really jealous when mommy or Sarah (Zoe's teacher at school) holds another baby. She is very vocal yelling, screeching, and saying mama, dada, bahbah (which we think it book) and uh-0h when we drop something.

Gotta go feed Zoe supper. We hope you all had a good 2006!