Saturday, October 25

Monday, October 13

Friday, October 10

Still no baby

Well, for all those of you who voted so have lost the poll. I am still pregnant. I would love for today, 10/10, to be the day. It is my dad's birthday and what a wondeful gift that would be. Everything is healthy and normal according to my ultrasound yesterday. I will keep you all posted. Check-in to see pics of the baby. It will be Monday if not sooner.

Monday, October 6

Wedding Pic

I know that the wedding was forever ago, but this is a good picture I wanted to share.

Thursday, October 2

When do you think I will deliver?

Potty Training Success

Zoe is now wearing underwear to school and makes it through 2 hour naps without accidents! She has been going on the potty since the beginning of the year, but not consistent with the pee pee. We just now make her go potty every couple hours instead of asking if she needs to go and that really works for us.

Now we hope we don't blackslide when the baby comes.

Wednesday, October 1

Hey Dave

When my parents were coming back from Maine this year they visited for one night. Zoe started calling Grampy "hey Dave." She was repeating what my mom says all the time. She actually asked for Grampy to talk on the phone the other day and they said, "hey dave." How can she remember that 4 weeks later? She is so smart!


Zoe has an obsession with the number 47. She says it all the time and we don't know why, but it is really funny. She can count to 10 now, but only when she wants too. She is learning about shapes and colors at school and is doing really well. She started with a new classroom teacher this fall and her two favorite things at school are art and recess. Typcial!