Monday, June 26

Zoë at Day Care!

Zoë's first day at her new day care!
Zoë is surrounded by mirrors and she loves it!
My gap baby!

Sunday, June 11

Zoë's 4 Months old!

We got these two new toys for Zoë this weekend. She loves both of them so much that she would play until she fell asleep.

Tuesday, June 6

New pics

Look at me! I am holding up my head so well. I am now 12 lbs. and 15 weeks. Almost 4 months old.
Sleepy baby. We go to bed so early now. I am wore out from all the activity at day care.
Grandpa Smith lovin' on Zoë.

Look at me in my Memorial day duds.

Monday, June 5

Fun weekend

This weekend was so beautiful. The weather was so nice. We went to the park both days. Winton Woods on Saturday and Sharon Woods on Sunday.

Zoë is growing so fast. She licking and sucking on everything. I am sure she is going to start teething soon.

Saturday, June 3

Zoë Update

Zoë is doing great. She loves day care and is a happy camper. We drop her off and she is all smiles. She is also going to bed a lot earlier and still sleeping through the night. Thursday she went to be at 8:30pm and woke up the next moring when I got her up at 6:30pm. I was so nervous that she slept so long I kept waking up to check on her.

She is also now grabbing at toys, focusing on objects and loves to hit anything that hangs above her. She is just a joy to watch and we love her to pieces. I will post more pics soon.