Saturday, April 29

Zoë's first cold

Zoë has her first cold. She hasn't been sleeping or eating to well and her goopy eye got much worse. She doesn't have a temp, but the pediatrician gave her a perscription to clear up her goopy eye, which is now infected due to the cold. Our first sign was when she stayed awake until 4am Thursday night. I am sure she will be better soon...we will keep yall posted.

Friday, April 28

Top 10 must have baby items!

1. Sponge for the bottom of the baby tub
2. Arbonne baby products (see
3. Bottle warmer
4. Diaper Genie
5. Vent Aire bottles
6. Pack N Play
7. Little Tummies gas relief drops
8. Jim Brickman's CD "The Disney Songbook"
9. Boppy
10. Chico travel system

Tuesday, April 25

Growing baby Smith

Zoë is now 9 lbs and 22 inches. She is growing slowly, but the doctor says she is little, but mighty. She is so precious.

Tuesday, April 18

Crazy Hair!

Happy Easter

We are on our way to Church. The bonnet is mine from when I was a baby. How cute.

Look at our Easter dress. It was a gift!

Thursday, April 13

Mohawk hair

Zoë's hair is so long that we are having issues with her hair. It looks like she has a mohawk. You can't really see it in the picure very well. It is so cute and curly when I wash it, but then it dries straight up. Funny huh.

Monday, April 10

Sprouting Zoë

Smith family. This is a good picture of Matt and I, but Zoë wasn't cooperating too well. She is still so tiny. She is just now starting to fill out newborn clothes. She is just about 8 lbs. now. She is such a good baby. I am trying to get her into a routine, but she rules the roost!

Tuesday, April 4

Wipes Warmer

So, how do you keep your baby wipes from drying out in the wipes warmer? I have to go 3 wipes down to get one that is wet. Is there a solution? If not, don't waste your time buying one.

Monday, April 3

The big trip

Zoë was very good for her first big trip to Grammy and Grampy's. The three hour ride to Santa Claus, IN was uneventful. She slept the whole way there and back to Cincinnati.

Matt has picked up his boat from my parent's pole barn and is getting is ready for the big fishin' trip at the end of the month. I can't wait until it is warm enough to take Zoë out for a ride.