Monday, February 27


#daBoot is helping my foot recover!!

#daBoot at Turonis on Main Steet

Bar pic and no I wasn't drinking just good Hawaiian pizza

#daBoot at an Icemen Game

Here is the photo from the Icemen game on Saturday! The game made the history books with the first sold out game for the #FordCenter.

#daBoot and the big week ahead

So, this is a big week this week. I will have been to Turnoni's and an Icemen game in Evansville, Indiana then on to Cincinnati for work, and then on to China for my @UEBusiness international trip for my #MBA. I will be posting pics along the way!!

First pic of #daBoot

Here is my first post of #daBoot from my kitchen!

the foot without #daBoot

here is the awesome progress of the foot without #daBoot, but good news is the swelling is really down!


The story of #daBoot begins here. On my 38th birthday I was a Pump it Up (a party bouncy house place). We were there for my daughter's 6 year old party, her birthday was the day before mine. I came down a big bouncy slide and my foot hit the big pillow at the end wrong. Went to the Ortho Urgent Care the next morning to find out I had a spiral fracture on my big toe, severely sprained ankle and an injured achilles. Well the next set of posts to follow, will be my trips around the world with #daboot. Have fun following!