Friday, August 28

Whirpool shutting down in Evansville, Indiana

Wow....Whirpool is shutting down in Evansville.

New update on dad's heart

Dad went to a doctor's office in Louisville. Had some tests and then when they asked about seening the doctor the nurse said the primary care physician (PCP) had not given a referral to see the doctor just tests.

So, the cardiology office called the PCP. She refused to give him a referral and was upset that he wouldn't go to Jasper for care. Needless to say he is getting a new PCP and then will have to get a referral to a cardiologist. The glorious world of Medicare! I am so glad that I have a PPO and I can go anywhere without a referral.

So, he did find out that he will more than likely need a pacemaker. The doctor didn't see him but the nursed hinted at it. He will probably have to wear a monitor for a few weeks and then go from there.

Wednesday, August 26

Update on dad here is the scoop thus far. Dad has been having a lot of problems with vertigo this summer and was hospitalized for it and a low heart rate while in Maine. I think all of it is heart related. I listened to his heart on Sunday and it didn't sound right. Irregular heart beat and just sounds wierd (as you can tell I am not clinical by nature). What I am thinking is that he either needs to have his aortic valve, that was replaced in 1994, looked at or a possible pacemaker. We will have to see if my prognosis is right.

The primary care physician referred him to Jasper...but I finally convinced him to go to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY. They have an excellent repuation. Mom is calling now to get an appointment with a cardiovascular physician to evaulate what is going on.

So, I will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, August 19


So, my parents 50th wedding anniversary is coming up. Shane and I were looking for the perfect gift and found this.....

We need your help. What memories or things make you think of David and Catherine Horne? (i.e. Bicycles, Key West, Maine, Marines, etc.)

Feel free to post a comment on this blog or email me.

Tuesday, August 18

Bald Moutain Maine 2009

We did it...we climbed Bald Mountain and it was so beautiful.