Thursday, August 30


So, I think Zoe's new nickname is going to be Diva. She is very demanding and will just cry and cry until she gets her way. We have spoiled her so much and now we have to pay! Really she is teething really bad lately and just adjusting to a new classroom at school. She has a lot going on, but also has a vibrant personality.

Wednesday, August 22

Twinkle Twinkle

Zoe is now humming the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. It's totally cute! She hummed her self to sleep last night. I normally sing it to her every night at bed time. I was trying not to laugh as she feel asleep.


Well, Zoe's transitioning to the Ladybug/toddler room. As of Monday she will no longer be a bunny. I am very sad, but excited for Zoe at the same time. She is adjusting well and seems to be very happy.

Wednesday, August 15

Mattel Recall of Barbie Pooper Scooper

Hey remember when I posted that toy that had the pooping dog that Barbie scooped up. It's on recall for strong magnets. Supposedly a child ate some and they attracted to each other and caused and intestinal blockage and the child died. Maybe this is a tall tale, but they are in fact on recall.

Monday, August 13

Hanging out at Camp - Webb Lake in Weld, Maine

Family Pics from Maine

The Knauer's. Catherine, Sookie, Tommy and Barbara.

Uncle John reading to Zoe.

Let's compare fish

Matt's catfish from the Ohio River.
Matt's bass from Webb Lake in Maine. This is probably Matt's biggest bass he has ever caught.

The Duck in Portland Maine

Zoe chilling in Portland.
Getting ready to ride the Duck.
Can you see the seal?

Niagra Falls in Canda 2007

Matt and Zoe's first time in Canada!

This was behind the falls.
I think this is the coolest picture.

Maine Trip

We are back from Maine. It was a great trip and yes we drove this year. I will post the pics very soon.

July 2007 Daycare Pics