Friday, September 25

Sam's Club

Alright...if you go to Sam's Club be prepared to wait. I was in line the other day and normally I let people go in front of me if they only have a few items, but I had already unloaded my entire cart and was in a hurry. This lady kept rolling her eyes at me with disgust. I was a little annoyed.

Then she proceeded to tell the checker that - there should be a fast lane for people with just a few items. I wanted to say..."Go to Wal-mart. This is a whole sale club! Most people are here buying a ton of stuff it's not just me." But I didn't. I was a good girl. I just apologized and moved on.

And people wonder why I hate shopping!

Wednesday, September 23

Update on Jayden

Jayden is changing so fast and every day. He now has 7 teeth! 4 top and 3 bottom ones. He is also crawling everywhere and pulling up. He is going to be walking before you know it. He only really says mama, dada and baba which is such a switch. Zoe was such a early talker. He is so adorable and we love him to pieces.

He is going to be 1 year old in just a few weeks. Can you believe it!

Monday, September 14

Dad's on his way home!!!

My dad is on his way home from the hospital!! Good news.

dad's still in hospital

Dad's still in the hospital. They are having a hard time adjusting his medication. They are being extra careful with him.

Wednesday, September 9

dad's doing great

dad's surgery went great today. he was awake for the procedure and talked their ears off. he is back in his room and should be discharged Friday.


My plan is to drop off the kids at daycare, work for a few hours, then head to Louisville to be with dad. His surgery will probably be this afternoon sometime.

Tuesday, September 8

Wrong phone number...

Mom gave me the wrong phone number....the number to call dad at is..502.540.3705 room 705 David Horne.


You can click on the link below and send dad a ECard.

Dad's contact info at Jewish

Dad is at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY Room 705. Nurse's station phone number is 502.587.2510. Remember he doesn't hear too well and talking on the phone can be difficult for him, BUT I bet he would appreciate any calls he gets. He is there went home to close on a house. She will be back in the morning before his surgery.

Dad is scheduled for surgery is on his way to the hospital right now. He is being admitted to Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY. I will post his phone number later today if anyone wants to call him.

His medication, blood thinners, will be switched from coumidin to heprin for surgery. He will be monitored today and possible surgery tomorrow or maybe Thursday.

My plan is to drop off the kids at daycare tomorrow morning. Then work a few hours and head to Jewish in Louisville. It's only 100 miles from my work, which takes about 90 minutes to get to. If he dosen't have surgery Wed, then I will stay the night and come home on Thursday after he is out of recovery.

By the way....Aug 23 is when I listed to dad's heart and it took over 2 weeks for him to get into a primary care physician, referred to a cardiologists, get testing and scheduled for surgery. Amazing to me that it takes that long!

First time using Healthgrades

Well, today I used HealthGrades for the first time. Yes, I paid the $12.95 to check out dad's cardiologist. It was worth every penny. Dr. Stidam is (as of right now) performing his pacemaker implant surgery. I found this great info below about it...

The heart has a natural pacemaker called a sinus node, which is made up of special cells that produce electrical impulses. The electrical impulses given off by the sinus node travel down electrical pathways located in the walls of the heart muscle and cause the heart to contract and pump blood. When the electrical impulses flow down the walls of the heart at regular intervals, the heart pumps at a rhythmic pace. When something interferes with the way the electrical impulses are made or the way they move down the pathways in the heart muscle, the body's natural pacemaker does not work properly.

If a patient has a heartbeat that is too fast, too slow, or frequently irregular, blood is not pumped efficiently around the body and the body's cells do not get enough oxygen and nourishment. In this situation, a physician may recommend that an artificial pacemaker be implanted in the body to ensure that the heart beats more regularly.

A pacemaker is a small, battery-operated device implanted just under the skin near the collarbone to help the heart beat regularly at an appropriate rate. Pacemakers are about the size of a matchbox and are used to treat heart arrhythmias — irregularities in your heart's natural heart rhythm. Almost everyone's heart skips a beat sometimes, and that is generally considered harmless. Some people, however, will need medication and/or a pacemaker.

A pacemaker usually has two parts: a pulse generator (which includes the battery and several electronic circuits); and a lead(s), (which is attached to the heart wall).
Pacemaker surgery is performed under local anesthesia. It is implanted just near the collarbone. If the pacemaker has only one lead, the lead is placed inside the lower right chamber. If two leads are needed, the second lead is placed in the upper right chamber. The procedure takes about one to two hours. An overnight stay is usually recommended.

Sunday, September 6


I was right. Dad is getting a pacemaker next week at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, KY.

Friday, September 4

McCafe - poor price and poor taste

I have now tried a mocha and a hot chocolate at the McDonald's Cafe. I paid $1.99 for a yucky hot chocolate covered up in whipped topping and hot chocolate sauce. I'm done with the McCafe and back to the $1 menu for me.

By the way....I got a hot chocolate at Speedway and it was better!