Wednesday, July 22

What's up with all the yogurt?

So, I love the show Burn Notice. It totally cracks me up how much they eat yogurt on that show....

Thursday, July 16

Cute Jayden pic

This was taken at EnterTRAINment Junction by my friend Rachel. Pretty cute stuff! I can't believe he is already 9 months old!

Friday, July 10


First time every buying something in a pop-window online and my last. I order a free bottle of Acai Berry pills that I only had to pay shipping for. They charged me $87 three times and signed me up for a subscription for monthly delivery and some of their other products. So, I was charged over $400. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Don't by Acai Berry, Naturcleanse, TopBody, or Define-antiwrinkle products. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!

It has been a nightmare. All of these products are one company, but they make you call each number seperate. They try to confuse you by talking about all the products and argue with you. Even the supervisor was not very helpful. I am sure this saga is not over with.

Also, one of the phone numbers says it is not operational. How am I suppose to get this on cleared up..........