Monday, February 27

New Pics of Zoe!

Zoe is sack out after eating!
Grammy visit Zoe at the hospital.
Zoe's first bath at home given by daddy! Look at all that hair! We actually got to wash it. Ignore the dishes in the sink. She was in her baby tub, you just can't see it. =)

Saturday, February 25

Daddy feeding baby Zoe

This is a picture of dad feeding baby Zoe in the special care nursery. The nurses fell in love with Matt as most people do. We was so good with her and still is while I am recovering. Look at all that hair!

Thursday, February 23

Baby Smith is born!

Zoe Belle Smith
Born February 18, 2006
at 3:24pm
Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio
Weight: 6 lbs. 10 oz.
Length 19 1/4 inches

She was almost 4 weeks early, but doing great. She was not keeping food down for the first few days, but now wants to eat all the time. She is a little Jaundice so we have her on a billi blankey which makes her our little glow worm. Because of the Jaundice she has been really sleepy, but is starting to be more active now.

I am doing a little better. My cesarean was a little rough. I threw up a couple times after surgery and got an infection in my uterus. We were both finally released and sent home today, but it was a rough go of things so far.

Wednesday, February 15

Sierra and her puppy

This is my friends Tony and Stephanie's daughter Sierra and her new puppy. Isn't she adorable. She looks more and more like Stephanie every day. =)

Thursday, February 9

Baby Showers

The weekend of baby showers is over. I had one shower on Friday with work, one on Saturday with family and friends on Saturday and one on Sunday with Matt's co-workers that was more a Superbowl party, but was still a lot of fun.

We got a ton of really good stuff we needed. Matt and I are headed to Babies R Us this weekend to buy the remaining the remaining things we still need. It is getting closer! Just 4 weeks and 4 days.

Tuesday, February 7