Tuesday, December 29

Moving to Evansville Update

So, we are on the second day of loading the "truck." I am looking at the window at the Atlas Van Lines trailer and the truck is pulling up right now. We will be here loading up all day today as well. So, we will probably be unloading for 2 days as well. They may have to "shuttle" our stuff because our new house is on a busy road. This means they will park the big semi at the local Evansville office and load our stuff on smaller trucks and shuttle it over. What a big pain the the booty. I didn't even know about the shuttle thing until yesterday. I hope this doesn't mean more broken stuff!!!

Saturday, December 26

The move

We are still in the process of moving home to Evansville, IN. We spent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Smith's. Zoe's face in the morning of Christmas was priceless! We was so amazed by how many gifts that Santa left.

We will be all moved into the new house by New Year's. Then, I will just need to put everything away.

Thursday, December 3

Elf of the Shelf

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf? It's a book and small elf that flys to Santa every night to tell him if you been naugty or nice. I am kinda wondering if I should have got it for her. I spent 3 hours explaining and answering questions like:
  • Can he fly at night?
  • Is he scared of the dark?
  • Can he lock the door when he leaves and comes back?
  • Has he left yet?
  • What time does he come back?
  • Why does he only talk to Santa?
  • What should we name him?
  • and on and on and on.......