Monday, November 28

Wednesday, November 16

Baby Smith is starting to show. I am now 23 weeks and counting. Keep looking at the blog for more belly pics. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 7

Evansville Tornado

We are glad to report that everyone that we know is ok. The Tornado in Evansville struck the far east side. It hit a lot of Newburgh and Boonville. From the rumor mill we have heard that it lifted right before Gentryville, so I was glad that Mom and Dad were ok too.

It seems that national news it making this out to be some forceful, but tiny Tornado, but it appears to have stayed on the ground for almost 40 miles. Pretty amazing.

Also, Evansville is in Indiana no Illinois as Fox News keeps reporting incorrectly on their screen. Also, Evansville is not a farming community. It is the 4th largest city in Indiana behind Gary, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis.

We are truly in shock and are praying for all of those families that lost a loved one and for those that were hurt from this Tornado.