Monday, August 22

Wonderful vacation!

The vacation was wonderful. We relaxed and just had fun. It was nice to back to the same place again. We were so glad they there were new matresses this year. We slept a lot better.

Matt had to work all of this weekend and I vegged at home. It was a long week for me. I worked 55 hours this week, which was tough coming back from vacation. I will write more later.

Monday, August 1

Maine Trip Info

Here is our schedule for our trip to Maine. Just in case anyone may need this information.

Flying to Maine
Delta Air Lines Flight 1254 nonstop
Departing from CVG Cincinnati, OH 8/6 at 11am
Arriving in Portland, ME PWM 8/6 at 1:06pm

Renting a car and heading to Weld, ME to camp. We will stay there Saturday 8/6 through Saturday 8/13.

We will be staying in at the Howard Johnson in Portland on 8/13

Flying Home
Delta Airlines 811 nonstop
Departing from PWM Portland, ME on 8/14 at 9:10am
Arriving in CVG Cincinnati, OH at 11:28am