Friday, December 14

Wish you were here - Denied

Well, Ellen Degeneres didn't pick my entry to come and visit Santa Claus, Indiana, but here was my entry. I thought it was cute.

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all were sleeping
So, I crept down the stairs and started writing
My hometown of Santa Claus, Indiana is very small indeed
But Ellen would have sooo much fun there you’d see

This the holiday season to be merry, festive and giving
Much like your show which spreads the joy of dancing and living
Wouldn’t you like to stand on a street named Vixen?
Or how about Comet, Cupid Donner or Blitzen?

We Hoosier feel like everyone should have known
That this quaint town is a real true gem all on its own
Holiday World makes this a fun family hot spot
With their fund rides, free soft drinks and Santa…say what!

I promise I can make this a trip of a lifetime
We can even include a couple of sips of wine
Our annual festival of lights is coming up soon
We would love to have you visit and sing us a tune

Wish you were here
No joke…my name is Holly and I am from Santa Claus, Indiana

Tuesday, December 4

Potty Training

We'll Zoe is doing quite well catching on to potty training. She did great all weekend at home and tells us when she needs to go. And as a bouns she is saying yes and yeah now. Everything isn't no. We will still here mine and no alot...don't get me wrong.